Bunion Corrector Pro™

Bunion Corrector Pro™

Bunion Corrector Pro™

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Relieve Pain While Treating Bunions

Are you having trouble with your big toe that's preventing you from being active? Is your self-confidence dwindling due to forefoot deformity?

Well, here’s a great relief for you and your feet — the Bunion Corrector Pro™!

Bunion Corrector Pro™ is an easy and comfortable way to correct your bunion. The stretchable brace fits over your foot and adjusts your big toe. 

Bunions are a progressive disorder. They begin with a leaning of the big toe, gradually changing the angle of the bones over the years and slowly producing the characteristic bump, which becomes increasingly prominent and makes the deformity get progressively worse.

Symptoms can include:

  • Pain or soreness
  • Inflammation and redness
  • A Burning sensation
  • Possible numbness

This simple fix can solve your foot problems in the most cost-efficient and easiest way possible. You won’t have to go for expensive toe realignment therapies and medications anymore!

Bunion Corrector Pro™ will help relieve pain while treating your bunion effortlessly day by day.

Separate, straighten, stretch, and align your toes while reducing friction between your toes and enjoy walking again.

Why you should use it?


Relieves pain and inflammation due to bunions, Hallux Valgus, and crooked toes


Integrated pads protect painful bunions and support proper toe alignment


Extended wear brace can be worn with socks and many shoe styles


Elastic and adjustable fastener system fits left and right feet


Secured with a strong external strap for minimal slipping and bunching


Washable, lightweight fabrics for comfortable extended wear

How to use it?

When beginning, wearing them daily 20 minutes and slowly increasing daily 5 minutes until you get used to the pressure. Once you adapt to the pressure and feel comfortable with them, you can wear them the whole day until bunions are corrected. Be gentle and take it slowly with your toes. 


  • 9.5CM X 8.0CM X 4.5CM L (US Shoe Size: 8.5 and above)

  • 9.0CM X 7.5CM X 4.5CM - S (US Shoe Size: 8 and below)



Can I sleep with the bunion brace on?

  • Yes, after incrementally increasing the length of time worn each day, the brace can be worn throughout the night for supportive pain relief.

I have narrow feet. Will the bunion brace work for me?

  • Yes! The corrective brace is elastic and adjustable for a secure fit on most feet, up to a maximum arch circumference of 14 inches.

Can these bunion braces be worn with shoes?

  • Yes, Bunion Corrector Pro™ can be worn with shoes or any footwear.

What type of fabric is the bunion brace made of?

  • This bunion brace is made with a breathable 100% cotton terry cloth. The soft gel is silicone.

Will the bunion brace heal my bunions?

  • The bunion brace will slow the progression of bunions and will reduce pain and inflammation caused by them, but cannot heal them completely.

How do I wash my bunion brace?

  • It is recommended that the bunion brace is hand-washed with a mild detergent in cold water and air-dried.

Can I walk with my bunion brace on?

  • Yes, the bunion braces are designed to allow you to walk while providing corrective support for your big toe.

Is this a single brace or do I get one for each foot?

  • The bunion brace is packaged as a pair, one for the left foot and one for the right.

    Bunion pain can be debilitating. Don't settle for inferior products. Get back to being active and relieve pain without the need of undergoing surgery that will not only cost you a lot of money but will, in consequence, affect your normal daily activities.


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